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Conveyor belts are mainly used for the continuous management of goods or product flows.

The material used to make up the conveyor belt depends not only on the application, but also on the field of activity.

Belt conveyors

Perfect for bulk or miscellaneous item transport, our standard belt conveyors are suitable for the majority of conveying applications. Unique parts, individual packages, and often bulk products are transported using a conveyor belt tensioned on a frame with the help of pulleys. We offer standard belt widths ranging from 20 to 1000 mm and spacings ranging from 300 to 6000 mm.

Roller conveyors

Roller conveyors are integral components of material handling systems, employing a sequence of evenly spaced cylindrical rollers to facilitate the movement of boxes, supplies, materials, objects, and components across an open area or between different levels. Positioned at a convenient height for manual access and loading, the frame of roller conveyors ensures easy handling. Materials transported via roller conveyors typically feature rigid, flat surfaces, ensuring a smooth journey across the rollers.

Modular plastic conveyors

Plastic belt conveyors, also referred to as plastic chain conveyors, serve as effective means for transporting a diverse range of products. These products can range from lightweight items, whether packaged or unpackaged, to heavier loads that demand additional support. These conveyors can be configured with a base made of steel or aluminum, contributing to simplified installation processes. Suitable for washdown applications, their modular and flexible design makes them adaptable to meet a variety of layout requirements..