Our solutions

Screws and tooling Slide and guide profiles

As a designer and manufacturer, we have full control over the process, with a team capable of analyzing the existing situation, taking measurements, and providing assistance with assembly and commissioning.


When you collaborate with faber, you gain the support of a seasoned partner with expertise in manufacturing plastic transport and screw conveyors. Our comprehensive solutions cover the entire process, starting from plastic raw parts, extending to design and development consultation, and culminating in the delivery of a fully functional conveyor and transport screw made of plastic.


Faber is an unique plastic manufacturer, with a wide product and custom services portfolio:

-Tooling for glass jars, Rotobloc system
-High speed monobloc machine.
-Identification of formats by color code.
-Laboratory tools (very small flasks).
-Multi-format tooling by adding coloured parts on the basis of black parts
-Filler bells.
-Production of complete lines and parts associated. OV-protect process for fragile products.

Guide and slide plastic profiles

Tailored for rigorous industrial settings,  profiles and guides are meticulously crafted. Constructed from high-quality plastic materials, they deliver outstanding wear resistance, impact resilience, and durability. Whether utilized as chain guides, belt guides, or specialized guide profiles, our products present a dependable and efficient solution tailored to meet your specific requirements.