Our teams

hellomoov’ is  a family Group, we appreciate how important and sometimes how difficult it is to live together. But this is what makes us so committed to working beside you.

We endeavor to focus on a daily basis on the satisfaction and the safety of our employees, customers and partners, and to carry out environmentally sustainable actions.

“Joining hellomoov’ allows FS Solutions to continue its growth in a family-owned company, which shares the same values. As part of a stronger group, we can offer our customers a larger scope of products and services, and accompany them globally in their future projects”
Peter Horselenberg
Founder of FS Solutions & managing director of hellomoov
“After 14 years as Quality & Environment director at Renault Trucks, I decided to join elcom and hellomoov’ to start an entrepreneur story. I quickly realized that within hellomoov’, our customer-centric approach is not just a motto but a tangible reality. I am really proud to manage a team in which each member is an essential link in the customer satisfaction chain”
Florence Bouhadjar
Managing director of elcom
“I joined hellomoov’ and H’Factory as Key Account Manager. I enjoyed working with a team with high motivation and agility to support our customers’ specific requests. Our flexibility in products definition but also in project management enabled us to establish a close partnership with ROCHE DIAGNOSTICS and I am very proud to say that today, we are recognized as a trustful partner to convoy blood and biological samples”
Sandra Frejean
Key Account Manager at H’Factory
“Many of us considers after sales service to be the “problem department” and expectations are thus really high. Attentiveness, reactivity and monitoring are the keys to succeed; we need to be as flexible as our products and solutions are. Although quite new at hellomoov’, I am really proud of participating to its construction and development”
Christian Eyraud
Head of hellomoov' services department
“Within my 28 years at Faber, I was able to discover et progress in many departments of the company. I learnt everyday and evolve gradually in the organization, starting as design technician to become the head of production. In 2017, within the purchase of Faber by hellomoov’, I rediscover the very core values I needed to be blossomed at work. In 2019, I became director of Faber”
Fabrice Barbaise
Managing Director of Faber
–“The hellomoov' group consists of several companies, each with their own customers, products, history and specialties. For Elcom, Faber, FS Solutions and H'Factory, we have chosen to give these different brands one overlapping face, while still allowing each brand to retain its own identity and stay recognizable as individual companies in the market. At the same time, the brands can benefit from each other's knowledge and resources in order to strengthen the brand awareness. This process of creating a new brand identity for the whole group was a great personal challenge for me.”
Saskia Lammertink
Head of marketing at FS Solutions
“The unique design of our control pin guided workpiece carrier enables us to guarantee each customer a technically and cost-efficient transfer system. The countless possibilities in the modular design of our systems, the fast, highly flexible development of customized solutions and the personal support are the keys to a strong and innovative cooperation with our customers.”
Adrien Podemski
Production and engineering manager at elcom Deutschland
“At hellomoov’, we have the conviction that each and every of us is essential to build the future of our company. The talents are already within us, and we encourage mobility and career development within our structure. Our new colleagues joined us as they are driven by innovation, flexibility and desire to work in a caring and collaborative environment. My wish: to make everyone an inspiring actor within hellomoov’“
Elise Deguillaume
HR manager at elcom